Claire Callan Fogel

After a career in Sales and Marketing, and many years of business writing, I decided what I really wanted to write was fiction, specifically Young Adult fiction. They tell new writers, “write what you most enjoy reading,” so that’s what I did!

I’ve always loved fiction because I can get lost in other lives, other places, and other worlds. Reading is such great therapy; it allows us to escape reality for a little while, which is often a good thing! I turned to Young Adult fiction several years ago when I got tired of reading books full of violence and graphic sex. Some of my favorite authors write those kinds of books, and I still read them, mainly because I love their characters and the wonderful writing. But when I read “Twilight,” I found the kind of fantasy and love story I most enjoy. I’ve been hooked on Young Adult fiction ever since. My thanks to Stephenie Meyer! 

The Blackthorne Forest series takes place in a small town very much like the one I grew up in, a safe community with the usual burger and milkshake hangout, where you go through elementary and high school with the same kids, and change occurs slowly. Yes, an outwardly idyllic setting, but one with a beautiful and mysterious forest surrounding the small town. My main character, Cara Connelly, lives at the edge of the forest and has always been drawn to its beautiful trees and wildflowers, developing her artistic talent by drawing the gorgeous landscapes within these magical woods she had always believed were uninhabited.

It’s a coming of age story, telling of Cara’s life from age fifteen to twenty-one, while she learns who she is, what she believes in, and where she belongs in the magical world all around her.

I’ve planned the Blackthorne Forest series as a four-book tale, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave Thornewood and the forest even after the fourth book has been written. It’s an addictive place!

Meanwhile, I live in the central California mountains with my musician husband Neil, and our lovable Boxer, Roscoe. (Yes, I named Brian’s Boxer after my own.) When I’m not writing, I spend my time washing dishes, picking dry dog food out of the carpet, and enjoying our gorgeous mountain sunsets. I also enjoy hearing from my readers and will always respond to questions and comments about Blackthorne Forest!