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Available as Paperback or Ebook Buy it on Amazon
Available as Paperback or Ebook Buy it on Amazon
Available as Paperback or Ebook Buy it on Amazon

Blackthorne Forest

Book 1

A beautiful, fog-shrouded forest, legends of magic, and the desire to know her mysterious father draw fifteen-year-old Cara into a search for the truth about Blackthorne Forest and what's been hidden there for hundreds of years. When she discovers the truth of her heritage, she finds danger as well as love.

Blackthorne Forest has always been a magnet to fifteen-year-old Cara. It's the perfect refuge for a shy young artist who is happiest with a drawing pad in front of her and a pencil in her hand.

When she comes across a book of folklore, telling fascinating tales of magic practiced in the forest centuries ago, she and her friends consider them nothing more than fairy tales. But just weeks before her sixteenth birthday, she is amazed to discover she possesses some powerful magic of her own.

What's hidden inside the beautiful forest that begins at the foot of her backyard? Might it have something to do with the father she's never known?

When she begins to find answers to her questions, she discovers a magical world she never knew existed. And her life is changed forever.


Book 2

Until recently, Cara had never known her father, unaware of her magical heritage and the Elven abilities she possesses. But discovering her father’s identity has been a mixed blessing. Although he loves her dearly, he has enemies and Cara has become a target.

A traumatic kidnapping and continued threats to her life have forced Cara to learn the lethal defensive skills of the Elves. Training with Adam, her handsome Elven bodyguard, she develops exceptional skills, beyond anyone’s expectations. But her new relationship with the much older Adam, forces her to reevaluate the value of friendship versus love.

The Dragon's Song

Book 3

It’s the beginning of Cara’s senior year at Thornewood High, and she and her best friends are making plans to enjoy their last year in school together. But the psychopathic killer who threatened her life in the past is once again bent on revenge against Cara, her father, and their friends. No one is safe.

No one expected senior year to be this challenging! As her stress level peaks, Cara makes a dangerous new friend to guard Thornewood from the sky at night. She must also use all of her own Elven gifts to put an end to the mayhem threatening her family, friends, and the Elves she loves.

The Joining Tree

The Joining Tree is the fourth and final book in Cara’s story in the Blackthorne Forest series. Each book is an important part of the years she spends growing up, learning who she is, and where she belongs, both in the human world she was born into, and the magical world she has inherited from her father.

This book begins in Cara’s senior year where unexpected heartbreak has sent her into a deep depression. None of her Elven traits are any help at all. In fact, being a Halfling makes the situation even worse.

She throws herself into her artwork as a way to deal with her broken heart, and gets through senior year with a little help from her friends, especially Sean McKay, who intends to win back the girl he’s always loved.

Her dream of attending a prestigious Art School becomes a reality, but will success in the art world allow her to forget the one man who has her heart?

In the Elven world, once you give your heart, there’s no going back.