What's Next?

Even though the Blackthorne Forest series has ended, many of my readers have requested more stories about the Elves, especially those we've already gotten to know. I think we've all become so fond of the forest and of the small town of Thornewood, we don't really want to leave!

The next book won't be part of a series, however. It will be what's called "a stand alone" book, but most of the characters will be people - or Elves - you've already met.

Right now I'm working on Amy's story as I remember how fond she is of good-looking men! She's never been able to resist a "pretty face," and that weakness hasn't changed.

I haven't yet decided on the book's title. Here are a few ideas:

The Elf's Promise

Elf Reformed

Redeeming an Elf

Reforming an Elf

I'll add more information about the next book as I work on it!

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