What's Next?

I just can’t seem to leave Blackthorne Forest and the fascinating folk who call Elvenwood home. Yes, I’m planning another book using most of the same characters, some who actually live in Thornewood these days. And as time goes by, it seems that more humans get to know who their Elvenwood neighbors actually are.

So which characters will my next story be about? Will it be another romance?

How about Kevin Sinclair, the brilliant game designer and Cara’s best friend? He hasn’t found love yet.

Or Gabriel Duncan, the big man who teachers Archery to Elvenwood’s youngsters.

Who can forget Sean McKay, the handsome young man and star athlete who loved and lost Cara Connelly?

Can’t leave out the ladies either. There’s Miranda Ross, Cara’s troubled friend.

I haven’t decided yet! Stay tuned.

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